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Unlock the Potential of Your Brand with Jagruk Times!

Jagruk Times is not just a newspaper; it’s a multi-platform media powerhouse, comprising a dynamic news portal, an engaging e-paper site, and a widely circulated print edition. Partner with us to elevate your brand visibility across these three impactful mediums.

News Portal (

Our online news portal is a hub of timely updates, breaking news, and in-depth articles. With a vast online readership, your brand can gain exposure to a tech-savvy and information-hungry audience. Advertise with us online and make a lasting impression on the digital landscape.

E-paper (

Experience the tradition of reading newspapers in a digital format through our e-paper site. Your brand can be featured alongside news articles, creating a seamless blend of traditional and modern media. Advertise with us on our e-paper site to reach readers who appreciate the familiarity of print in a convenient online format.

Print Edition:

Jagruk Times’ print edition reaches households and businesses in Mumbai, Rajasthan, and Sirohi. Advertising in our print edition ensures visibility among diverse demographics, making it a powerful tool for brand exposure. Connect with a wide-ranging audience through our print edition and leave a lasting impact.

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